on this christmas eve

There is something peculiar in the air this morning. I feel a gladness without exactly knowing why. I like it. It brings me peace. 

I haven’t written in a long while but today I was reminded that maybe I should, perhaps even write a book! Well maybe someday. Today I am reminded by much. The past, the present — how time is both an illusion, a confusion and a cross we must all bear. I’ve learned the value of trusting life in all its mysterious ways of unfolding and closing off; of giving and taking away; of bliss and pain; of yearning and loss; of light and darkness. 

I’ve found, in the spirit of the yuletide season around me at the moment, my own sense of peace and belonging within my skin and bones. And in the quiet hush of winter, the lull on the streets of London this Christmas Eve, the cold wind that grazes my face, I am reminded of this one simple truth that has graced mankind for a long as we have existed – all that really matters in this world is Love. Nothing else comes close. No other thing.