a quiet stream

Sometimes we all need that time, place and space to just be; to be quiet and to listen. So much of noise fills our day to day and sitting in silence and truly just listening is akin to an emptying of one-self; our containers as such, of all that isn’t needed.

I have had to learn to listen to silence and what it has to offer. It has a special kind of dimension and something unique to comfort our busy minds. It quietens and calms the soul, the heart ♥ and the psyche.

Have a peaceful Sunday.



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I'm a woman living in London and this blog captures what lands within my sight and connects with my psyche. I expect it to evolve naturally. It is a place I shall visit from time to time and where things that I am touched by deeply will find a soft place to land. As a psychotherapist and a continuing student, most of the articles you shall find here will somehow, in some way, be related to therapy and well-being. I love comments, so feel free to add yours, whenever and however. I wish you well.

17 thoughts on “a quiet stream”

    1. Thanks Chris. I wish you a lovely twilight and transition into a new day, week. I hope it’s as lovely a day as you’ve had today and I look forward to mine being too! 😃


      1. Yes…and as you sing melody, I’m free to come in with harmony… It’s such a beautiful song: this song of silence…

        p.s. …and if harmony draws you into it, then I will seamlessly move into melody…like breathing.

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      2. I believe that Jesus made a way for me/us to get back into relationship with Daddy God.

        I owe Jesus everything…yet I find my need to cuddle into Daddy Hugs – like a little child – is insatiable. I believe I am remaining there because my need for healing is so deep…

        I know I’m not unique in this…

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